Disruption: How Trauma-Informed Education Can Help Disrupt the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

A Book by Dr. Jessica Doering


As someone who desperately wanted to help my students who had experienced hard things, I understand the desperation that many teachers feel as they watch students funneled through a system that does nothing to help (and in many ways hurts the child more). I found myself desperate because I cared deeply for students but had no idea how to care in a way that would make a difference in the trajectory of their lives.

I ultimately went on a journey culminating in my PhD in STEM Education with a dissertation in trauma-informed education and the preschool-to-prison pipeline. I have condensed thousands of hours of reading thousands of pages of research and hundreds of hours spent on my own research (and my 300 page dissertation) into this easy-to-read, practical guide to disrupting the pipeline through trauma-informed education.

This book will walk you through:

  • Understanding trauma and how it intersects with the preschool-to-prison pipeline 
  • Learning about the "why" behind many of the behaviors that lead to discipline referrals 
  • Practical implementation strategies to work with students who have experienced trauma and how these strategies work toward disrupting the pipeline 
  • Holistic views on trauma-informed schools and how they reduce the risk of negative life outcomes for our students 
  • Understanding the system and how adults (including well-meaning ones like you and me) can contribute to the pipeline (and strategies to aid in disruption based on our own perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs that contribute) 

Your purchase includes a digital copy of the book, available for download in three formats: a PDF with navigation for each chapter and section from the table of contents for easy reading, a Kindle reader version (.mobi file), and a generic e-reader version (.epub file).


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