Trauma-Informed Education Basics Online Training (with Certificate)

Learning how to care for students who have experienced trauma in a self-paced online course for educators.

Course Summary

This world is broken. We look around and there is pain, suffering, heartache, division...and yet there is a longing in in teachers for things to be different. For changing the world.  This course will help you navigate the brokenness and the symptoms of the things that have brought about the hurt our students are facing (and even our own struggles).  
  • Define trauma and recognize the types of experiences that may lead to an ongoing negative impact on a child’s wellbeing.
  • Implement trauma-informed strategies and mindsets to increase the possibility for growth and healing for your students who are trauma-impacted. 
  • Implement trauma-informed classroom management techniques. 
  • Help students manage their big emotions through regulation strategies. 
  • Implement practical strategies for relationship-building.  
  • Assess strategies/programs/initiatives/activities that are presented to you for inclusion in your classroom and tell whether these are appropriate for trauma-impacted students.  
  • Maintain a strengths-based perspective on trauma-informed education and on trauma-impacted children.

Course Design: 
This self-paced course is structured into modules. Each module has either a reading or a video and also has accompanying notes and reflection sheets. The course is designed for you to work through slowly, taking the time you need to truly reflect and consider. In each module, make sure you check the "Downloads" section, as this is where all worksheets and readings are posted.  

Course Requirements: 
There are no prerequisites for this course, other than a basic understanding of teaching in a classroom setting. This course is appropriate for education majors, student teachers, practicing classroom teachers, and those who assist classroom teachers in implementing major programs (e.g. principals, counselors, university education professors, etc.) who want to learn about trauma-informed education from a teacher's perspective.  Working through the course will require a stable internet connection and device to access the materials, along with either a printer or a way to write on PDF documents (the reading, notes, and reflection sheets are all in PDF format). We also strongly recommend working through the modules in a quiet environment free from distractions.  

The material in these lessons can be emotional and trigger negative feelings or memories for some people. We also recommend having a plan in place before beginning about who you will talk to about any negative responses you may have to the material in this course. This can be a trusted friend, spouse, colleague, or counselor.  The self-guided nature of this course gives you the flexibility and freedom to move throughout the content at your own pace.

There are no assessments as part of this course offering, however we are here to answer questions you may have and are available to engage further with you as part of our community! If you are looking to go further and learn how to train others in this work, contact us and we will be happy to direct you to the next steps!  

This online training program is a self-guided online course. This training is through The Doering Institute for Trauma-Informed Education, and is not affiliated with any other program. Group licensing for schools and universities is available; contact us at for more information about group licensing.  This purchase comes with six months access to the course for a single user.

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